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Much more than
just bike tours around Rome.
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Around A Roman Bike

... is what was missing to live the eternal city like a true inhabitant of Rome.

Private Tours

Much more than just bike tours around Rome.

In our tours we want to tell and convey the true life of Roman people. Let the AroundaRomanBikers experience the enchanting experience of a normal day in Rome. We intend to make known and live in every detail the deep culture of a typical Roman citizen, his habits and traditions. The food will be at the center of our tours, the secret of love towards Roman cuisine will make you live new emotions. All this will be possible thanks to the company of guides who were born and raised in the City that was the Capital of the World. Each of our guides will transmit the vital passion and the human aspect that characterizes the typical attitude of the Sons of the She-Wolf. The secret of all this is contained in the tradition of food and wine of this extraordinary city and of course our Roman Biker can savor it by referring to it enchanted.
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Food Tour

Exclusive "Bike-Food" tours

Roman food will be the center of the cultural journey and the fundamental aspect will be an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Food, culture and tradition have always been on the same wave mixing flavors, emotions and stories. It is no coincidence that in Rome it is said: "PARLA COME MAGNI!". Through our Food Tours on the bicycle we want to tell the unique experience of Roman frankness, sarcasm, irony and smiles that live in this city. You will savor the best delights of traditional Roman cuisine and it will be a one-of-a-kind experience. You will drink the tasty Roman wine and we will show you the Teverne and the most characteristic taverns of the Capital. Each tour will be very personal because each guide will tell his experience and his passion for the city in his personal way.
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Bike rental

Classic and electric bikes. With a unique style.

Around a Roman Bike è più che un semplice posto dove noleggiare “una” bici. Le nostre biciclette caratterizzate da uno stile unico e vintage renderanno ancora più magico e particolare il vostro giro per la città eterna. City bike, Mountain bike ed E-bike elettriche adatte alle esigenze di tutti, vi aspettano per farvi emozionare a partire da meno di 10 € al giorno. Scopri online la nostra "flotta" completa che solcherà Roma o vieni a trovarci per toccare con mano la qualità del nostro servizio noleggio!


Experience Rome like a true Roman

Around Roman Bike is a aperitivo...a dinner...a meeting between people of various nationalities, between dreams, passions, chatter and ambitions. Our idea: allow you to experience and experience the emotions of Rome like a Roman. We have three passions in common: Rome, the bicycle and the traditional food of the Eternal City. We love sweet life and the idea of ​​sharing this lifestyle with others. By combining these factors we have created something unique and unrepeatable: AroundaRomanBike. We want to transmit through the knowledge of our REAL ROMANS what is hidden behind the City that was loved by Gods, Emperors, Gladiators and Legends.

Our Team

The strength of our idea is the particular union of the team. The combination between the Dutch and the Romans wants to combine the skills and the best qualities of these two completely different nations. We make the selection of our guides on love, knowledge and experience with this city. Our guides have the ability to convey the feeling and the passion that typical Roman life gives to each of us. It will be an unrepeatable experience. Among other things we are particularly careful that in our tours there are stories of traditions and visions on Italy and on Rome with their particularities known all over the world. The journey of food will be the center of the tour, the history of food will understand the reason for so much passion towards cooking. In short, we want to tell the secrets of Romanity, which you will never find in any history book. We want you to wander like the Lupa between hidden legends and the true history of the magic of Rome.
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